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Violence Against Women/Domestic Violence

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Themes relating to gender are especially relevant this Purim, as sexual harassment and assault allegations against high-profile men continue to emerge.

Josefin Dolsten (JTA)
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The inability of society to talk openly and honestly about consensual sex makes it difficult to talk about nonconsensual sex, isolating us in our experiences.

Maya H. Weinstein
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Tamar and Judah can help us make everyday decisions that are framed by silence-breakers. Judah learns - and if he can, we can too. 

Rabbi Jordana Chernow-Reader
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The onslaught of stories exposing powerful men committing acts of sexual violence against women is a sad reminder that we often are not safe in our own bodies.

Susannah R. Cohen
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May the “Me Too” campaign of this week be blessed with the staying power to live well beyond the news cycle.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
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Victims of sexual assults don't owe anyone our stories, but to some extent, our silence indicates that there is no story to tell.

Kate Bigam
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Together, we can end violence against women and foster peace. Here's one of the ways. 

Hannah Ellen
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We write to you on behalf of an Iranian asylum seeker by the name of Vashti. The circumstances under which she has become a “displaced person” are as follows.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
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The Purim story not only illustrates the role of women in our ancestral societies, but also highlights how women combated unfair gender expectations.

Maya Weinstein
Stately building at Stanford University

College should be a safe space of learning and growing, not a place for persistent predatory behavior. Colleges do too little to prevent assaults from happening or to support the victims after a crime occurs.

Taylor Onderko


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