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Voting Rights

Two smiling teen girls holding signs that say FUTURE VOTER and SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCATE

Civic engagement, with voting at its center, is essential to our Reform Jewish values. Our sacred texts teach us that every voice in the community must be heard when it comes to making important decisions. Here's how to get involved this year. 

Jessica Becker
Hands holding a glowing globe

Editor's note: The text that follows was presented before a live audience at the 2019 Union for Reform Judaism Biennial.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
A mans hands dropping a ballet into a ballot box with a Canadian flag in front

This year, Canada’s federal election will take place on October 21, at the same time as the holidays of Sh’mini

Dara Lithwick
People voting in a gymnasium

As we look ahead to the 2020 general election, we must continue to embrace our civic duty to vote and reaffirm the values backed in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Ali Rosenblatt
Pile of  red, white, and blue buttons that say VOTE.

Reform Judaism calls upon us to be civically engaged, making a direct call to action to involve ourselves in shaping our institutions to propel our world toward justice. 

Elizabeth Leff
Three VOTE signs in red white and blue

While Jews have not always been afforded the right to vote, voting encompasses several Jewish values.

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
Kutz campers in a group each holding signs about why they vote

My name is Tali, and I just spent three and a half weeks learning how to be an effective and just leader

Tali Meisel

Laws that impede or prevent eligible Americans fundamental right to vote do not reflect the values that make our nation a beacon to the world.

Barbara Weinstein

Too often in our own day, politicians of all stripes seek advantage through the denigration of others, through the promulgation of fear, and through the dissemination of hate. But not all views have validity. Some are anathema to everything we hold dear.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

When I turned 18, I was overjoyed to have the right to vote. I distinctly remember registering to vote as part of a high school government class.

Adam Waters


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