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Welcoming the Stranger

Hands holding up a white cutout of a speech bubble with a heart on it

These questions are intended to honor all of us by helping to identify and acknowledge our missteps so that we may, ultimately, do better going forward. Additionally, celebrating our successes empowers us to move closer to the diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities we seek to build.

Chris Harrison

Anyone can open the door to Judaism for another, but will those standing at the door be intimidating shomrim (guards) or welcoming mezuzot (encased Torah texts on doorframes)?

Rabbi Laura Geller

Growing up the child of a Jew-by-choice, everything about Judaism was a choice for us. For my mother, Judaism was a gift. She felt very proud to count herself among the Jewish people.

Anna Marx

Like many couples, my Jewish wife and I got married without much discussion about religion. It was the birth of our daughter that raised the question. My wife asked if we could raise her Jewish.

Robert Ingrum

A rabbi whose insight I value greatly shared the following story with me.

Kathy Kahn
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