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The curriculum at my synagogue focused on tikkun olam and social action, so I grew up knowing I had a responsibility to “repair the world.” In Togo, I found the tiny portion of the world I wanted to help repair. 

Rebecca Walsh

Hafrashat challah (separating the challah) is a practice popular in Orthodox circles, as it is one of three mitzvot (commandments) considered special for women.

Sharon Mann

During my first year as a rabbinical student, which was spent on the Jerusalem campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, I began to see my homelan

Alli Cohen

This Shabbat, in parashah Pinchas, we read the st

Rachel Chung

When I was in eighth grade, my family and I took a vacation to England. It was an awesome trip, from visiting Oxford (or Hogwarts, as I recognized it) to Big Ben to the London Eye.

Rachel Chung

Rarely does a 16-year-old Jewish girl from suburban Massachusetts get the chance to look back on her day and recognize that she helped make history.

Juliet Pesner

I woke up bright and early on Monday morning to head to the Western Wall with my students, participants in the NFTY-EIE study abroad program in Israel.

Ariella Poni Kronish

Curious about my maternal grandmother's long and productive life, I tried on numerous occasions to record her recollections.

Rabbi Robert Orkand

I don’t remember the first time I skimmed my skull with a bobby pin and pushed a circle of knitted white cloth and strands of hair into its metal clasp.

Liya Rechtman

Today is the commemoration of Bloody Sunday – that day in Selma, AL 50 years ago that is seared into our visual memory, even for those who were not there or not even alive at that time.

Rabbi Marla J. Feldman


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