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Sport is one of the great equalizers. I often speak about my time in competitive swimming, and all that it gave me. There are really no limits to the values one can learn from team sports.

Anat Hoffman

I grew up in a home with my single mother and two sisters. My mother had one sister, two nieces, and one nephew.

Rabbi Meredith Cahn

I had come to Israel to join my friend Anat Hoffman, who is one the leaders of the Women of the Wall. The previous month, there had been a random decree that as women were coming in, they were not allowed to wear their prayer shawls, their tallits. I’ve been wearing a prayer shawl since I would say the late '70s, a long time. And it’s just considered a regular part of my ritual in prayer. In 1968, the Orthodox rabbinic created a mechitza, which is a separation between men and women at the Western Wall. And the understanding here in a very traditionally observant manner, in an orthodox manner, is that men are obligated to pray. Women are not. The Orthodox have deemed this site to be a synagogue.

Rabbi Elyse Frishman
From the RAC's Passover Series - why International Women's Day and women's issues are more significant than ever.
Sarah Krinsky

I glance down at my body in the shower, and the first thought that crosses my mind is: "Oh, there's that little belly that I don't like." And then

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Praying with the Women of the Wall is a very unique experience.

Rabbi Jackie Mates-Muchin

New Year's Eve lost some of its festivity for me after reading the New York Times

Rabbi Robert N. Levine

Despite being a Jewish educator, I have never felt a strong, personal connection to our sacred texts.

Rachel Kasten

This month, we celebrate “40 Years of Women on the Bimah,” leading up the 40th anniversary of Rabbi Sally Priesand’s historic ordination as the first female rabbi in the United

Kate Bigam


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