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“Who’s that guy?” I asked my mom.

“He’s the rabbi,” she answered. I stared up at my mom, with a blank gaze on my face.

Jesse Paikin

With great excitement, tinged with a touch of trepidation, I moved to Israel in the summer of 1996 to begin my first year of rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College.

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman

Below is a kavanah (meditation/intention), inspired by Women of the Wall, for prayers at the new moon, to share for indivi

Virginia Avniel Spatz

In our community, we take to heart Rabbi Perlin's words, "Our sukkah is open for all to come and dwell." Whenever we have guests from Israel in our community, they are always invited to attend Shab

Beth L. Schwartz

by Marc Rosenstein

Jewish women for almost five thousand seven hundred seventy years have struggled with a tradition that moved them into a life of modesty, early marriage and motherhood.

Peter Shapiro


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