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Following a court ruling in their favor, leaders of an organization pushing for women's prayer rights at the Western Wall have withdrawn their endorsement of Natan Sharansky’s compromise proposal t

Ben Sales (JTA)

Sport is one of the great equalizers. I often speak about my time in competitive swimming, and all that it gave me. There are really no limits to the values one can learn from team sports.

Anat Hoffman

I grew up in a home with my single mother and two sisters. My mother had one sister, two nieces, and one nephew.

Rabbi Meredith Cahn

I had come to Israel to join my friend Anat Hoffman, who is one the leaders of the Women of the Wall. The previous month, there had been a random decree that as women were coming in, they were not allowed to wear their prayer shawls, their tallits. I’ve been wearing a prayer shawl since I would say the late '70s, a long time. And it’s just considered a regular part of my ritual in prayer. In 1968, the Orthodox rabbinic created a mechitza, which is a separation between men and women at the Western Wall. And the understanding here in a very traditionally observant manner, in an orthodox manner, is that men are obligated to pray. Women are not. The Orthodox have deemed this site to be a synagogue.

Rabbi Elyse Frishman
From the RAC's Passover Series - why International Women's Day and women's issues are more significant than ever.
Sarah Krinsky

I glance down at my body in the shower, and the first thought that crosses my mind is: "Oh, there's that little belly that I don't like." And then

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Praying with the Women of the Wall is a very unique experience.

Rabbi Jackie Mates-Muchin

New Year's Eve lost some of its festivity for me after reading the New York Times

Rabbi Robert N. Levine

Despite being a Jewish educator, I have never felt a strong, personal connection to our sacred texts.

Rachel Kasten


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