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women's equality

Reform Jewish women pose together in from of an ark while in Israel together during Rosh Chodesh

We read in Pirkei Avot, “Be among the disciples of Aaron – seek peace and pursue it.” One of our highest aspirations as Jews is to establish peace within our homes, within our communities, and in o

Rabbi Dr. Linda Henry Goodman
Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh celebration, March 8, 2019

Tonight as I gather 10 women to recite Birkat HaGomeil (after overcoming danger), I will hold close hundreds of others – with me recently to celebrate the new month.

Hila Shiloni Rosner
Partial view of woman's pink silky skirt with gold beading hanging from the tiers

Reform Jewish poet Stacey Z. Robinson wrote this original poem for Purim, painting a much different picture of Esther than we knew as children.

Stacey Zisook Robinson
View down the aisle of an airplane filled with travelers

Recently, a Haredi’s hard hat box fell on my head. The metaphor was stark: female rabbinical student bashed by a symbol of religious hegemony she’s long rejected.

Chelsea Feuchs
Closeup of a person holding a fanned out handful of money

Here’s what you can do to ensure that we continue to make progress toward pay equity.

    Ally Karpel
    A crowd at the Women's March

    The upcoming Women’s March has prompted challenging and heartfelt conversations and raised myriad questions. As one might expect, we are not of one mind.

    Rabbi Marla J. Feldman
    Woman in bright pink sweater (face obscured) speaking into megaphone

    This week’s Torah portion reminds me of the many times I’ve been told to be quiet – especially when it was because our society has left little room for women’s voices.

    Sara Barrack
    The author with his newborn daughter

    As a new father in the era of #metoo, I want to empower my daughter by giving her the necessary tools and confidence to overcome whatever obstacles might land in her path.

    Isaac Nuell
    Row of people standing against a wall

    We must create conversations and ask hard questions, fostering a culture of brave outspokenness. This year, I have been on a journey to tackle issues of gender-based violence in my own Jewish community.

    Sylvia Levy
    Little girl wearing a superhero mask and boxing gloves

    With movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, it is the time for women to mobilize using the fearless power of their voices.

    Susannah R. Cohen


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