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Keyboard with one button bearing the Israeli flag and another reading VOTE in blue

Every vote for the Reform Movement in World Zionist Congress elections will strengthen our ability to fight for an Israel that reflects our Jewish values and recognizes our way of being Jewish. Every Reform vote will ensure that our voice in Israel will be heard that much louder and clearer.

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein
The author (holding guitar) and his husband (with shofar) at High Holiday services in Milan

Although my husband, Don, and I have lived in Jerusalem for six years, I can’t tell you much about the High Holidays in Israel because we’ve been spending them in Milan.

Cantor Evan Kent
The author, Phyllis Dorey, with two others in front of the closed ark on erev Rosh HaShanah in Lisbon, Portugal

This year was the first time in a long time I wasn’t with my immediate family in Australia or my cousins in Israel to celebrate Rosh HaShanah.

Phyllis Dorey
US passport lying on a map of the world

In a world that is increasingly more global and interconnected, the value and importance of a global progressive Jewish movement is more important than ever.

Andrew Keene
Two gold wedding band lying atop the spine of an open book with a heart shaped shadowed on the pages beneath them

After the ceremony,  Israeli after Israeli came to me to say, "So this is what Progressive Judaism looks like? How do I learn more?"

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
A family of three smiling women and one man stand together in front of a stone wall

Visiting a congregation in another country makes a visit abroad even more personal. If you’re planning on traveling abroad, what are you waiting for?

Sharon Mann
French candidate Emmanuel Macron against a blue background

It was reported that 90% of Jews voted for Emmanuel Macron and 10% for Marie Le Pen. What do these numbers say about the politics of the Jews of France?

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

The daily mincha/ma’ariv service at CIP was being led by the congregation’s cantor, Alexandre Edelstein, who also was my host and colleague during my four-day visit in June to Brazil as part of LaShir B’Nefesh, a program that brings together soloists, musicians, and cantors of Brazilian, and occasionally Argentinian, Reform communities to share repertoire, network, and support one another in their work. I was in Sao Paulo to present a master class on strategies to engage the congregational voice – something the Latin American communities, both leaders and worshipers, are interested in developing.

Cantor Rosalie Will
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