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Yom Kippur

Adult holding small child joyfully overhead with sunset in the background

On Rosh HaShanah it is written; on Yom Kippur it is sealed. But there’s an awful lot that happens in the middle.

Jenifer Newmark
Blue circular tunnel with white light opening at the end

During the 10 days of repentance and especially on Yom Kippur, we struggle with ourselves, shedding our flaws and the parts of our spirit that detract from our holiness.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Two crossed Bandaids over a patch of brick wall

Now more than ever, we need spiritual voices of all faiths teaching us messages of justice and compassion. From a Jewish religious perspective, what does "repairing the fallen walls" mean?

Rabbi Fred Guttman

To devote ourselves to an accurate accounting of the soul, it is customary to refrain from five specific activities related to our bodies on Yom Kippur.

Jane E. Herman
Two sets of hands/arms clasped across a lap in a gesture of support

As the blast of the shofar awakens our souls this High Holiday season, so, too, can it awaken us to the pleas of people who suffer with mental illness.

Rabbi P.J. Schwartz
Fishing shack on the water with damage from a hurricane

For one rabbi, silence at this season of renewal is an appropriate way to start to rebuild and shape our world after Hurricane Irma.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Brown-skinned right hand viewed from the palm side, index finger extended and pointing left

At recent years’ Days of Awe services, I could swear I saw index fingers popping out all over the place – fingers of accusation, not of ownership or responsibility.

Rabbi Mark Glickman
Arm reaching up to put note in the Kotel (Western Wall)

On Yom Kippur, Isaiah’s powerful prophetic metaphors call us to reflect upon the moral and spiritual shortcomings that stand in the way of the Jewish people’s progress.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
The word forgiveness written in the sand with a heart as the dot over the letter i

S’lichot, penitential prayers said before the High Holidays, offer us opportunities for personal reflection and to seek forgiveness from those we wronged during the year.

Jane E. Herman
Wooden welome sign hanging from a rope string

We want you to come to High Holiday services, but we want you to come back, too -- when it’s less crowded and when we can welcome you and show you what we’re all about.

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal


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