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Two NFTY participants praying at the Kotel

At the Kotel, the stark contrasts between Reform and Orthodox Jews and the physical separation of males and females left me ambivalent during my recent visit.

Daniel Goldberg
Group of teens holding gun violence prevention signs

Tomorrow, in support of gun violence prevention, Reform Jews from almost every state will do what we do best – bring our traditions to life by praying with our feet.

Isabel Segel
Eagle soaring with sunset behind

What adults could not accomplish, our teens have begun to make happen, changing the course of our country’s history.

Rabbi Bradd H. Boxman
Two smiling young women wearing white lace dresses at an outdoor Shabbat service

Each time I go to camp, I learn lessons that you don’t have to be a “camp kid” to understand.

Rabbi Dusty Klass
Birthright participants atop Masada at sunrise

With more than 500,000 alumni, Birthright Israel attracts more Jewish young adults than any other program out there. Why?

Rebecca Bigman

Im ein ani li, mi li? U’kh’she’ani le’atzmi, mah ani? V’im lo ‘akhshav, eimatai?:

Samantha Schauvaney

URJ Mitzvah Corps connects Reform Jewish teens with immersive social action opportunities across North America.

Paul Witten

A combination of "stand your ground" legislation and lax gun laws has led to startling increases in violence and homicides for the states that enact them. As George Zimmerman's trial date grows nearer, a reevaluation of these types of laws is severely needed. 

Ariel Naveh

Rabbi Eric B. Stark reflects on the meaning of the Boy Scout Oath and how his moral convictions led him to stand with the LGBT community. 

Rabbi Eric B. Stark


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