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Bundle of small Israeli flags

Just as each of us goes through a process of self-examination during the Days of Repentence in Tishrei, this week is an opportunity to do so on a collective and national level.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Israel flag waving against twilight sky

With Netanyahu still in power, issues of religious pluralism, equality, and civil marriage will likely take a backseat, leaving the power of the ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate firmly in place and leaving little hope for progressive change.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Closeup of an Israeli flag overlooking historic sites

The election for the 2020 World Zionist Congress is open for another two weeks, and a strong showing by the “Vote Reform” slate is critical. 

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Three smiling teens holding I LOVE ISRAEL signs

Every, single Jew – Reform or Orthodox, LGBTQ+ or straight, white or Black – is connected to one another. And voting Reform means voting for an Israel that establishes this truth as the status quo.

Chris Harrison
Man in a red sweater facing away from the camera while holding the Torah above his head

We all have the right to study Torah, to interpret it, and to make ourselves heard in the never-ending Jewish conversation about what our treasured texts mean.

Rabbi Jason Bonder
Smiling woman standing outside and waving a small Israeli flag

The irony is stark. For once, your vote as a non-Israeli living outside of Israel may have more lasting impact than my vote as an Israeli living in Israel. That’s because regardless of what happens in Israeli elections – whether we get a new government or not – the WZC will meet in Jerusalem later this year.

Alden Solovy
Israeli flags blowing in the wind

We all have a say in our Jewish future and what values guide Israel and world Jewry – and you don’t have to be a spectator. You can help choose what our future looks like by voting in the World Zionist Congress elections.

Rabbi Samantha Kahn
Israeli checkpoint between Israel and the West Bank

In a forthcoming book, two rabbis address the aspirational ethical treatment of all the inhabitants of the land of Israel as detailed in its Declaration of Independence.

Rabbi John L. Rosove
Shiny, colorful decorations strung in a sukkah

One iconic, modern Hebrew song about Sukkot is far more than a simple holiday song for children.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Israeli flag against blue sky, next to rocks

Colonialism conjures up painful images of economic, political, and/or military domination by external forces. Who would wear that label with pride in the 21st century?

Rabbi Stanley M. Davids


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