18 Not-Just-Matzah Recipes to Try This Passover

March 23, 2018Marissa Solomon

Who says eight days of dietary restrictions need to make your life less delicious? Here are 18 recipes for a tasty (but still unleavened!) Passover. 

For the Seder Plate 

Texas-Style Charoset: In Texas, where Macintosh apples are scarce, charoset is often made from a variety of sweet apples, and the nut of choice is the ubiquitous pecan.

Apple HorseradishUsing apples as a base, this sauce will add a kick to your gefilte fish or roasted meats. Horseradish is a classic Czech condiment.

Appetizers and Sides 

Vegan Walnut Lentil PateServe this easy-to-prepare Passover dish as a hearty appetizer or use as side dish alongside the main course. If you don't eat lentils during Passover minhag, try roasted, unsweetened chestnuts.

Vegan Matzah BallsThe brilliance of this recipe is that you don't boil the matzah balls. You bake them! This way, they stay intact. 

Traditional Gefilte FishWhen making traditional gefilte fish, if you don’t like the jelled broth, you can skip using the bones and skin; it is the collagen in the bones that jells the liquid when chilled. 

Kneidlach (Matzah Balls)These are lighter than air and might not form a perfectly shaped ball, but that's OK. Just read the tips included in the recipe for an education in Matzah Ball 101.

Vegan Sweet Potato KugelThe walnuts in this sweet kugel give it great texture, and the quinoa flakes add just the right amount of moisture. Peel, process, mix, bake. Done!


Easy Sweet and Sour BrisketIt doesn’t get much easier than this! This brisket is delicious with potato kugel or oven-roasted new potatoes.

Bubbe’s Famous Brisket: Amy Kritzer, who runs the popular food blog What Jew Wanna Eat, shares the recipe for her bubbe's sweet and tangy Jewish brisket.


Double Coconut Chocolate MacaroonsMacaroons - cookies generally made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites - are popular for Passover because the recipe doesn’t use flour. 

Frozen Strawberry Meringue TorteThis recipe comes from a synagogue sisterhood. Serve it straight from the freezer, topped with strawberry sauce.

The Absolute, Hands-Down, Best Passover Apple Cake: This recipe from the Women of Reform Judaism's Centennial Cookbook calls for Granny Smith and/or Braeburn apples, peeled and diced.

Raspberry SquaresMade with jam and nuts, these Passover-friendly raspberry squares perfect for dessert... or breakfast! 

Matzah Candy ButtercrunchThis wildly popular Passover candy can trace its origin to Canadian Jewish cooking authority Marcy Goldman.

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Matzah SquaresThese make for an amazing Passover treat! If peanuts don't conform to your Passover minhag (custom), try using almond butter in this recipe instead.

Beyond the Seder

Matzah Meal PopoversThese Passover popovers are good served warm with butter, and they're great for making kosher-for-Passover "sandwiches" with tuna or whatever filling you like.

Vegan Matzah BreiWhat do you make the morning after the Passover seder? Matzah brei! The quinoa flakes work great in matzah balls and just as great in this matzah brei - lots of matzah, not so much brei!

Passover GranolaThis recipe will make your Passover week! It's delicious with milk for breakfast and makes for a healthy snack for school or work.

Need more ideas for Passover recipes? Check out our video for Five Easy Passover Lunches

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