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You're Invited to the RAC's Sukkah!

You're Invited to the RAC's Sukkah!

Rabbi Michael Namath is the RAC's Programming Director.

Each year just after Yom Kippur, the RAC staff goes outside
to build a sukkah on the front lawn. We don't have any structural
engineers or carpenters on staff, and as a result, the structure always looks a
little shaky. It does, however, manage to remain upright for the entire
week-long holiday. There are many important social justice themes of
hunger and homelessness that are present in the symbols of this holiday and the
Sukkot: A Season of Gathering and Giving social action guide
explores these themes in detail. 

One of the traditions related to Sukkot is the inviting friends to join for a meal in the sukkah. The RAC staff hopes you will be our guest.  You are invited to bring your lunch and join us in the sukkah on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Monday (October 15-17 or 20) between noon and one. I hope to see you there!


Published: 10/15/2008

Categories: Social Justice
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