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Racing Ahead: Health Care Reform '09

Racing Ahead: Health Care Reform '09

While President Obama steps up his campaign in support of comprehensive health care reform, the three relevant committees in the House of Representatives will be holding hearings to discuss their draft proposal. At the heart of the House bill and the President's message: a public insurance option. In the Senate, Kennedy's HELP Committee is continuing mark-up of its draft bill despite Republican discontent, and Baucus leads the Finance Committee to reduce its bill's price tag before officially releasing it. There are certainly be many obstacles to come--including finding a way to finance reform--but one thing is for certain: Hill staff won't be getting much sleep this week!
As Congress moves ahead, advocates are upping the ante on the ground. Some, like Tony Perkins from Family Research Council (FRC), are using scare-tactics like "socialized medicine" and "rationed care" to convince the American public to oppose health care reform. So far though, their messages aren't working.
According to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, Americans overwhelmingly support substantial changes to the health care system and are strongly behind a public insurance option to compete with private insurers. Furthermore, most Americans said they would be willing to pay higher taxes so everyone could have health insurance. Health reform advocates, including many in the faith community, are working hard to ensure that these ideas of shared responsibility and universal health coverage remain in the hearts of the American public.
Here at the RAC, we will also be busy this week. Along with over 40 other national faith organizations, we are sponsoring an Interfaith Service of Witness and Prayer for Health Care on June 24th in Washington, DC, at which Rabbi Saperstein will be a keynote speaker. Additionally, there are echo events happening all across the country. Together, these events will draw attention to the moral message offered by every American faith tradition: affordable, accessible, inclusive and accountable health care coverage for all.
Want to join in the health care reform frenzy this week? Here's some ways you can get involved:

Published: 6/22/2009

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