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Free Gilad Shalit

Free Gilad Shalit

The tweet made my heart skip a beat. Haaretz posted "Palestinian report: Gilad Shalit to be transferred to Egypt within hours" and for a minute I thought that we could today be celebrating Gilad Shalit's release rather than lamenting the third anniversary of his capture.

Sadly, this rumor, just like countless ones before it, proved fruitless, and Israeli authorities squashed the rumors.

Today, just like every day since his capture on June 25, 2006, Gilad is still held by Hamas, the Red Cross is still not allowed to visit him, and rumors of his release remain mere rumors.

So today, I'm thinking of his parents Noam and Aviva, and will take a second to send a letter to the President asking that he continue to consider Gilad's plight, and do everything possible to help achieve his safe release.

You can do the same in seconds using our action alert.

With these letters, and our hopes and prayers, let there not be a fourth year of captivity for Gilad.

Published: 6/25/2009

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