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Clinton, Pelosi, McCain, OH MY!

Clinton, Pelosi, McCain, OH MY!

Madeline Stolow is a participant in the RAC's Machon Kaplan summer program for college students. She is a student at Binghamton University and an intern here at the Religious Action Center. 

My Facebook status on Tuesday July 7th read, "hearing Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and John McCain speak tmrw. thank you DC."
Washington, D.C. is a different kind of place than anywhere else in the United States. There's diverse culture, excitement, and important people galore! Something particularly special about DC, at least in the summer months, is that there is always a free event available to college interns. Sometimes events even overlap, making us chose between seeing Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton at a national convention, and John McCain at an AIPAC seminar.

Yesterday, some of the Machon Kaplan participants were fortunate enough to attend the Campus Progress National Convention. 

At the convention, college students came together to "address the task of Delivering Change." Together we spoke about the challenges that we will face as young people living in this country today. We examined our options and discussed what we could do to create a future that we can look forward to. We broke into discussion groups based on our specific points of interest. The options included: labor rights, human rights, healthcare, climate change and college affordability. 

I went with the group discussing college affordability, an issue that I am incredibly passionate about. For the two hours we were together, I learned a lot about the nitty-gritty of the issue. I learned about Students Over Banks, an organization that supports President Obama's plan to make college more affordable! I learned that there are so many students out there that are just like me- passionate about making college affordable for everyone. 

I'm a part of a generation that is overly excited and willing to make every effort to change the world. It is no coincidence that we have had some incredible inspirational people surrounding us for our entire lives. Campus Progress gets major points for the excellent speakers they brought in. It wasn't until the end of the day that we got to listen to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then President Bill Clinton. I don't think I could possibly explain how excited I was to be in that room. So excited, apparently, that I forgot to check my watch and I missed the AIPAC seminar. 

Let's just say that Wednesday night, my Facebook status changed to "did not get to hear McCain today...but got to shake President Clinton's hand!" 

I'd say I had my share of excitement for the day.

Published: 7/10/2009

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