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Sotomayor Hearings: Day 3 (With More Video!)

Sotomayor Hearings: Day 3 (With More Video!)

Things are heating up here in D.C., and I don't just mean weather-wise. This morning, I headed to Capitol Hill with RAC intern Madeline to get in on the excitement of the third day of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A line of more than 70 people, visible in the video below, were lined up outside the Hart Senate Office Building, where the hearings began at 9 a.m. Visitors who wait in line to snag tickets are allowed into the hearings for 20-minute periods, and many, including Machon Kaplan participant Lizzy Genatowski, have have braved the line multiple times in order to catch second and third glimpses of this historic hearing.

If you're not quite up to speed on the hearings, here's where you can catch up:

  • Read up on the RAC's past Court Day blog posts, including two other videos on the Sotomayor hearings. Jessie Weiser, our Program Associate for Judicial Nominations, has been following along closely and providing updated information daily.
  • Follow our tweets at, where we're providing real-time updates of the hearings, including highlights from Senators' questioning, links to the best news coverage, and more.
  • Watch the hearings yourself on the Senate Judiciary Committee's website  or C-SPAN, or follow SCOTUSblog's live blog feed to stay up to date.

What else can you expect from us here at the RAC? As I mentioned on the video, Jessie will be vlogging again tomorrow after live-tweeting her time inside the hearing room, and new blog posts  will be going up all week, including a Friday aggregate of the week's best news clips of the week. Stay tuned!

Published: 7/15/2009

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