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The URJ's Response to Devastation in Haiti

The URJ's Response to Devastation in Haiti

Some estimates of the death toll from the 7.0 earthquake that rattled Haiti last week have risen to 200,000, as American troops began air drops of food and water and the United Nations pledged an additional 2,000 peacekeepers "to protect Haiti's aid convoys from lawless gangs roaming the quake-hit streets." Despite help from around the world slowly arriving, many Haitians are attempting to flee the hard-hit capital, Port-au-Prince, as food, water and shelter are still hard to come by and gangs of looters have been prowling the rubble-strewn streets.

All of these reports from Haiti, including a 6.1 aftershock yesterday, underscore the need to not only get food, water and medical services into the hardest-hit areas immediately, but also to maintain a long-term presence in the country as they recover after the international news teams have left. The URJ has been collecting donations on its website and has raised over $500,000 so far (with help from being publicized in some media outlets). Nearly 100% of the money raised will go right back out the door - no overhead costs are retained except credit card processing fees. Please consider donating to the URJ Haiti Relief Fund here.

Published: 1/20/2010

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