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Raise Your Voice For Women of the Wall!

Raise Your Voice For Women of the Wall!

It has been so exciting to be in touch with many Reform Jews, through email, phone, or our recent webinars concerning the Women of the Wall, a monthly progressive prayer group that has recently met challenges to their desire to pray openly at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is a moment and a time when speaking out for religious pluralism and civic equality can truly make a difference.

Our message is clear: The Kotel belongs not just to one individual, group, or denomination but to all Jews.

How can you support the Women of the Wall? First, be sure to check out This webpage is our clearinghouse for all resources, press, and educational materials related to the Women of the Wall.

We hope that our recent webinars provided insight and inspiration. If you missed them, or want to encourage others to listen, a recording will be available tomorrow at The expert advice and information shared by Rabbi Bob Orkand, President of the Association of Reform Zionists of America, Anat Hoffman, Director of the Israel Religious Action Center and Chairwoman of Women of the Wall; Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Executive Director of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism; and Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the RAC, are invaluable to understanding and supporting this campaign.

What can you do next? Here are action steps that you can take to support the Women of the Wall.

1. Opportunities to send letters and sign petitions are available at Please check back frequently for updates!

2. Ask the Israeli government to ensure that authorities apply the law in an equal and just manner - especially at the Wall, where, all too often, acts of harassment or aggression toward non-Orthodox worshippers are overlooked. Additionally, urge Israeli authorities to allow gatherings for civic and religious purposes in the plaza area of the Wall by all responsible Jewish groups. The Reform Movement believes deeply that the Kotel should be a place that unifies our people, where all Jews are welcome and all are respected.

3. The current series of events surrounding the Women of the Wall presents us with an opportunity to examine the historical and modern context for the role of women as essential leaders in the fight for religious freedom and civil rights. We have produced an educational guide that can be targeted at teens or adults in your community.

For more information, please contact me at or at 202.387.2800.

Published: 1/21/2010

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