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Haiti Relief Update on URJ Allocations

Haiti Relief Update on URJ Allocations

feldman 2.jpgRabbi Marla Feldman is the Director of Development for the Union for Reform Judaism. This posit originally appeared on

To donate to the URJ's Haiti disaster relief efforts and to learn more about allocations, visit

In one week, the Reform Movement has raised more than $750,000 for Haiti disaster
relief efforts following the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Based on our
communication with partner relief organizations, the following allocations will
be made to support emergency relief efforts including rescue work, emergency
medical care, temporary shelter and food and water distribution. In the coming
weeks, additional Union allocations will fund longer-term recovery efforts.


    Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the
    quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster and civil unrest.
    Funds will underwrite a key DRI staff position, Haiti Emergency Response
    Coordinator. This on-the-ground coordinator is responsible for emergency
    efforts including the distribution of medical material goods, site
    assessment for medical distribution supplies and the coordination with
    their two partner agencies: Partners in Health and Damian Pediatric
    The UN Foundation, the Union's partner in our Nothing But Nets campaign,
    is working with the United Nation's Central Emergency Response Fund
    (CERF), which plays a central role in the coordination of immediate relief
    and response work in Haiti.
    Union funds will assist in CERF's general emergency response efforts,
    which include the distribution of medical services and supplies, clean
    water and sanitation access, emergency shelters, food delivery and
    infrastructure rehabilitation. In addition, after the immediate relief and
    response, CERF will continue its efforts to include medium-term recovery
    and long-term reconstruction.
    AJWS provides general emergency relief grants that meet the immediate
    needs of communities affected by the disaster. Partnering with
    community-based agencies within Haiti,
    a particular focus is being placed on communities directly affected by the
    earthquake that lay outside areas already targeted for large-scale relief
    such as Port-au-Prince.
    One such organization is MOSCTHA, the Socio-Cultural Movement of Haitian
    Workers. Funds are needed to fully fund MOSCTHA's mobile clinic, which
    provides weekly medicine and personal hygiene supplies to more than 5,000
    families that are receiving little-to-no emergency support in rural areas.
    This NGO was a recipient of prior relief funds from the Union during the
    hurricanes that struck Haiti
    several years ago.
    IRC is a global network of first responders who work together to provide
    access to safety, sanctuary and sustainable change for individuals
    shattered by natural disasters, violence and oppression. IRC draws on 75
    years of experience responding to emergencies and is collaborating with
    local Haitian partners to provide general emergency response assistance to
    those in need. Funds will be used to rehabilitate damaged clinics,
    establish mobile clinics, distribute food, water and water storage
    containers and dispense basic shelter materials including sheets,
    blankets, hygiene items and roofing sheets. This grant is funded by the Union and facilitated jointly with the Jewish
    Coalition for Disaster Relief.
  • UNICEF, $25,000
    UNICEF is at the forefront of efforts to reduce child mortality worldwide.
    In coordination with other UN agencies, the International Red Cross and
    Red Crescent, UNICEF is responding to the emergency needs of women and
    children in Haiti.
    General funding will provide basic medical and health supplies, kitchen
    kits, water purification tablets, sanitation supplies, tarpaulins and
    tents for temporary shelter.
    , $10,000 CAD
    To date, over $10,000 CAD has been raised by the Canadian Council of
    Reform Judaism (CCRJ). The first allocation of funds from the CCRJ will go
    to United Israel Appeal Canada
    for its support of IsraAid, the coalition of Israeli NGO disaster relief
    specialists. Fund proceeds qualify for Canadian government matching
    dollars. IsraAid personnel currently are providing medical assistance to
    the injured as part of a major Israeli relief effort.. In light of the
    generous outpouring of support for its efforts, IsraAid will be expanding
    the scale of its operation, preparing an additional team that will be sent
    shortly. Within minutes of landing at the airport, the volunteer medical
    professionals from IsraAid traveled to the main Port-au- Prince Hospital,
    where they joined local doctors at the collapsed facility, to treat
    thousands of wounded and desperate earthquake victims.

To donate to the URJ's Haiti
disaster relief efforts and to learn more about allocations, visit

Published: 1/26/2010

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