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I'm Going to Texas, and I'm Packing my Tallit!

I'm Going to Texas, and I'm Packing my Tallit!

This weekend, I will be joining NFTYites from across the country at URJ Greene Family Camp for Veida, which is NFTY's yearly business and elections meeting. Along with my three-ounce bag of liquids, URJ camp sweatshirt, and plenty of RAC stickers, I am packing my tallit

Many of you are familiar with the recent events concerning the Women of the Wall, a progressive Israeli prayer group that meets at the Western Wall every Rosh Chodesh, or first day of the Jewish month. One member of their group was arrested for wearing a tallit (prayer shawl) at the Wall, and Anat Hoffman, the leader of the Women of the Wall and Executive Director of the RAC's Israeli counterpart, the Israel Religious Action Center, was fingerprinted and interrogated due to the actions of their group. 
Religious freedom is at risk in Israel, and the Reform Movement has taken a central role in speaking out in support of the Women of the Wall
We have a unique opportunity in that NFTY's Veida falls on Rosh Chodesh - the new Jewish month of Adar begins on Sunday. During services throughout the weekend, we will be including readings in support of the Women of the Wall.

Additionally, I welcome anyone who feels comfortable to wear a tallit at Veida's services as a symbol of solidarity with the Women of the Wall and their struggle for religious equality. And if you won't be with us in Texas this weekend, I invite you to do the same in your home communities. 

NFTYites: if you are able, I invite you to bring a tallit (or two, if you have more to share!) to Veida. It's not always an item on everyone's packing list, but I hope that you will consider bringing one in support of the Women of the Wall this weekend! 
For those interested in organizing a Rosh Chodesh solidarity event in your own community, information and educational resources about the Women of the Wall are available at If you and your congregation are planning to pray, learn, or take action in support of Women of the Wall, be sure to take pictures and send an email to tell me all about it! 
Safe and just travels to those joining us at Veida!

Published: 2/10/2010

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