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Name that Justice

Name that Justice

courtdaylogo.pngAs you are contemplating the characteristics and qualities that make a good Justice (and tweeting them with the hashtag #AGoodNom or leaving them as comments on the blog post from earlier this week), it's worth browsing the (not-so) short list of potential nominees and learning a little bit about their backgrounds and judicial philosophies. The Washington Post has a list of candidates and some information about each of them. Slate Magazine has a longer list, with similar information--and, in the spirit of adventure, you can "Choose your own Supreme Court Justice."

No one knows when the President will announce his nominee. However, considering that the he made clear last week that he hopes the "new Justice is seated in time for the fall term," which begins on the First Monday in October, we can expect that he will move quickly to make a decision within the next few weeks. (If you need to brush up on what happens after the nomination--check out the RAC's one-page flyer on the judicial nominations process and how you can have an impact!).

In the meantime, visit the RAC's resource page on the impending vacancy to find materials that will help you to educate yourself and your community about the impact of the Supreme Court on issues of importance to the Reform Movement.

Published: 4/15/2010

Categories: Social Justice, Civil Rights
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