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Blowing Up Mountains!

Blowing Up Mountains!

Today the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) announced it's revoking a water permit for West Virginia's largest mountaintop removal mine because it would irreparably damage the environment and threaten the health of nearby communities. This is a small step forward, but a crucial message to all those companies that perform mountain top removal to extract coal.

What is mountain top removal you ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds like. The company dynamites the top part of a mountain to get to the coal more easily. It then pushes the access rocks into the valley, which then buries the local stream (and the plants and animals). Imagine if this practice continues, thousands of mountain tops will literally disappear and the valleys will be filled in. This has horrendous impact on the water, air, and soil.
I commend the EPA for taking this important step, even in the face of pressure. Hopefully this is the first of many actions that the EPA will take to prevent our mountains from being destroyed.

Published: 1/14/2011

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