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Filibuster Compromise in Senate a Positive Step

Filibuster Compromise in Senate a Positive Step

Senate leaders have brokered a compromise that will limit obstructionist tactics in the Senate while preserving the filibuster as a tool of the minority. In our statement released after the vote, Rabbi Saperstein noted "While the compromise fails to address the unprecedented increase in the use of legislative filibusters, we are hopeful that this debate served as a wakeup call to the Senate. Abuse of the filibuster serves neither the interests of the chamber nor the American people."

Many in the Senate welcomed the compromise, noting in particular how difficult it can be to change procedures in the Chamber. 

Rabbi Saperstein also noted some of the core elements of the compromise: "Eliminating secret holds will significantly restore transparency and accountability to Senate debate and greatly expedite the legislative process, a principle we have long encouraged. We have long held that presidents should be given more leeway to appoint people who represent their views and in whom they have confidence. So, filibusters for executive appointees ought to be reserved for appointees raising issues of fundamental principle, and the decision today reduces the number of executive nominations that are subject to filibusters. Ending the delay tactic of reading aloud amendments will also free up the legislative calendar, allowing the Senate to work more efficiently."

Published: 1/27/2011

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