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The Oil Spill Disaster - One Year Later

The Oil Spill Disaster - One Year Later

gulf-coast-sunset-300x162.jpgThis week we mark one year since the Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11 men and beginning the dumping of five million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. There are dozens of events taking place across the Gulf and across the country (more here) to commemorate the disaster and raise awareness about the on-going impacts of the spill for the environment, economy and health of communities on the Gulf Coast.

Their message: despite the TV ads and media messages, this crisis is not over for the most impacted communities and ecosystems across the region, and we must continue to pay attention and take action. That is why we as faith communities began the After the Spill campaign, and why we will work throughout this anniversary week - and in the weeks and months to come - to focus attention from across the nation on the lasting impacts of the BP oil spill disaster.

Each day for the next two weeks we will feature reflections and calls to action from faith community leaders across the Gulf and across the country - from the National Council of Churches, the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, Sojourners and many more. Please visit After the Spill daily to learn more and join us in commemorating one year of this disaster, standing in solidarity with our friends across the Gulf and urging our leaders to act to ensure that the Gulf is protected and restored, that future disasters are prevented and that we begin to build a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

While we lament the slow pace of the clean-up and lack of major change in the industry since the spill, we have begun in the last year to build a movement for the Gulf - and our entire nation - working toward the vision of a future that balances environmental sustainability and economic justice for all. So we look back on the past year of this disaster and lament all that was lost, but we also look forward to a brighter future, standing with our friends across the Gulf and across the world who are rising up against injustice and calling for change. We remember the 11 lives lost and the countless livelihoods endangered by the spill and impacted by natural and man-made disasters in the year since April 20, 2010. We act for a cleaner and healthier world, for their children and for ours. And I say thank you to all those who are joining us in this work.

Learn more about ways to commemorate this memorial through worship, education and advocacy on our one year resource page.

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Published: 4/18/2011

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