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Rabbi Saperstein Speaks on Coexist Foundation Panel

Rabbi Saperstein Speaks on Coexist Foundation Panel

On March 20, Rabbi David Saperstein spoke at the inaugural Coexist Prize Ceremony. The prize forms part of the work of the Coexist Foundation, which seeks to promote understanding of what it means to be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim today and build bridges between these faith traditions and others. The winner of this year’s prize—the first ever—was Lian Gogali from Indonesia, who was honored for her work in establishing the Institute Mosintuwu, which educates Muslim and Christian women and children in post-conflict Poso. The award ceremony followed a day of discussion about national and international interfaith work.

Rabbi Saperstein spoke with Bishop Mark S. Hanson (Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and His Excellency Sheikh Ali Gomaa (the Grand Mufti of Egypt). The panelists discussed some of the significant challenges facing faith communities in today’s globalized world, the ways in which religion can act as either an asset or liability in global challenges, and how each faith can retain distinctiveness while respectfully engaging with one another to increase understanding.

Watch part of the panel below, and visit the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign website to learn more about the RAC’s interfaith work on combating Islamophobia.


Published: 3/29/2012

Categories: Social Justice
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