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Pair of hands painted to resemble the Earth forming a heart

In biblical Judaism, every seventh year was considered a shmita year. During this year, crops would not be planted, debts were forgiven, slaves were freed, and every 49th year land ownership was relinquished. In modern times, we understand shmita as a release, an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to being good stewards of God’s creations and to correct the inequalities we perpetuate.

While the next shmita year is not until...

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Small tealight candles lit up in rows as if at a vigil

Last Tuesday, following the mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, I spoke at an interfaith vigil at my local mosque to memorialize the terror victims.

Why me? I am a Reform Jew who has, for the last three years, taught high school science at the mosque's parochial school – and it has been a remarkable experience. I've been able to build bridges with parents and students at the mosque, and in return, our Jewish community has also been educated through the outreach I do.

Here is the address I gave.

I stand before you a proud Jew. I am proud of my...

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U.S. flag on the left that blends into Israeli flag on the right

Young American Jewish Zionists have something to say to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and we’re doing our best to make sure our voices are heard.

Next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, where he will speak directly to North American Jewish Zionists, Christians Zionists, and the broader American public.

In advance of his address, more than 250 North American Jewish millennial Zionists signed an open...

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Reform Jewish women pose together in from of an ark while in Israel together during Rosh Chodesh

We read in Pirkei Avot, “Be among the disciples of Aaron – seek peace and pursue it.” One of our highest aspirations as Jews is to establish peace within our homes, within our communities, and in our world. Sh'lom bayit (peace in the home) is a core value of Jewish life. 

For 30 years now, Jewish women have gone in peace to the plaza of Hakotel Hama’aravi, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, to hold a morning service for Rosh Chodesh. At 7 a.m., Women of the Wall begin with...

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Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh celebration, March 8, 2019

Tonight on the eve of Purim, I will gather 10 beloved women around me and recite Birkat HaGomeil (a prayer said in gratitude after one has overcome a dangerous or life-threatening event).

In this blessing, I will hold close to me the hundreds of other women who were with me last Friday on Rosh Chodesh at the Western Wall (the Kotel). Women from across the religious (and secular) spectrum...

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