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Mother and daughter looking out at ocean; daughter's arm around mother

Can you remember what you were doing last Tuesday?

Can you recall a very early childhood memory?

Can you recite a poem that you once knew years ago?

Would you try to cover it up, if you couldn’t remember?

Would you feel embarrassed or somehow inadequate?

Would your friends and family, if they noticed, treat you differently?

Judaism places great importance on memory. Torah commands us more than 160 times to remember (zachor), and on the Shabbat of Remembrance to never forget (lo tishkach).

Never forget that we were once strangers,...

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Young woman carrying a Torah scroll through the congregation at camp recently sat down with Rabbi Sonja K. Pilz, Ph.D., editor of the CCAR Press, to talk about a new adult education cirriculum. Here's what she had to say. Why did the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) decide that now was the time to launch a new adult education curriculum?

Rabbi Sonja K. Pilz, Ph.D., editor of the CCAR Press: On one level, we saw it as a fitting way to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the 200th birthday of our founder, Isaac M. Wise. We also recognized that the...

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Graphic of Israeli flag, Palestinian flag and Israel

Because of my deep admiration for Michelle Alexander’s brilliant work on the unfinished tasks of civil rights, I eagerly read her recent New York Times piece, hoping she’d shed new light on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Instead, this endlessly complicated and painful conflict was simplified in Alexander’s narrative, with Israel shouldering complete responsibility for the deplorable status quo. Right-wing voices that put the blame solely on Palestinians make the same reductionist...

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Scene from the film The Invisibles

Holocaust documentaries usually follow a certain format – talking head survivor accounts coupled with footage from the time period, often depicting Nazi atrocities. While some of that can be found in Claus Rafle’s new film, The Invisibles, the majority of its runtime is fictionalized, making it more like a thriller. The result is gripping, informative, and highly entertaining.

In title cards, we learn that Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels declared Berlin free of Jews in 1943, when in actuality there were approximately 7,000 Jewish people who successfully went into...

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Marc Chagall's tapestries in Chagall Hall in the Knesset

After finishing final exams and celebrating the end of the semester, I decided to spend some of my winter break exploring new sites in Jerusalem. Although I learned a fair amount about Israeli politics over the past few years, I had never actually been inside the Knesset (parliament) building. A close friend recently started working there, and I was excited to learn from her on a guided tour.

The tour began with relatively basic questions, pitched to a public group with vastly different levels of background knowledge:

When did the State of Israel declare its independence?...

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