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Around the Blogosphere with Machon Kaplan

Around the Blogosphere with Machon Kaplan

It’s only Week 2 of the RAC’s Machon Kaplan Summer Social Action Internship Program, and already our participants have been blogging up a storm! You’ve seen their RACblog contributions on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the “new four questions” and paddle boating, but check out what some of the MKs have been writing around the blogosphere:

In a post for, an online publication affiliated with her college, Liya Rechtman reflected on her experiences as a minority among her fellow interns at the NAACP Washington Bureau. “Most of my first day, before I was even assigned a project, was spent with my fellow interns, catching up on an entire lexicon of vocabulary, both conversational and academic, that I would need in the universe of African-American civil rights,” she wrote. Read the full post to learn about her almost-close encounter with NAACP President Ben Jealous.

Noah Westreich, a Machon Kaplan participant interning at Interfaith Alliance, shared his take on last week’s Senate committing hearing on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. On State of Belief, he wrote about how it felt to see Minnesotans like Sen. Al Franken (D) and General Mills (which is headquartered in Minneapolis) stand up against workplace discrimination, and he referred to the interfaith sign-on letter that the RAC coordinated in advance of the hearing. “With appropriate religious exemptions, ENDA is a measure that protects the rights of all American citizens, balancing the religious freedom right of religious groups to make hiring decisions consistent with their faith, and our core principles of equality,” he wrote.

Chelsea Feuchs took us to another state, this time on the West Coast, in her post for Jewish Women International. Chelsea urged California residents to urge their state legislators to support Assembly Bill 2530, which would end the practice of shackling pregnant inmates in California’s prisons. She wrote: “Considering that many female inmates are incarcerated for petty crimes and pose no threat to guards, shackling proves an unnecessary and harmful practice.”

As advocates around the United States celebrated the 40th anniversary of Title IX this week, Machon Kaplan participant Lyndsey Pecker reflected on what the groundbreaking anti-discrimination law means to her as a member of the Millennial Generation: “Because of Title IX, I have never been told I was forbidden to do something because I am a woman,” she wrote on the National Council of Jewish Women’s blog. “However, despite the progress we’ve made, I also know that the battle for full equality is far from over,” she added. “Gender inequities remain in the workplace (women still make only 77 cents for every dollar earned by their male co-workers!) and some of our nation’s leaders insist on denying women the right to make personal healthcare decisions.”

These students are only some of the 20 bright Jewish college students interning at advocacy organizations across Washington, D.C., as part of the RAC’s Machon Kaplan Summer Social Action Internship Program. Keep reading RACblog to learn about their experiences!

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