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Shabbat Meditation

Shabbat Meditation

I wrote this meditation when I was a member of the Shabbat Committee at Temple B’nai Or in Morristown, N.J. It is meant to be read before L’cha Dodi at Friday evening services.


Open my heart tonight to welcome Shabbat in the natural way I did as a child—open, unquestioning, believing.

Leaning against my father, Shabbat melodies became mine as the fringes of his tallit slipped through my fingers again and again.

The mixed joys of hugs and handshakes crushing, yet reassuring, hot tea, the peace of Friday nights.

Let me capture those lost Shabbatot, their message of belonging.

I give thanks for the friends I see here tonight, they pull me to community; they help me to remember.

In their presence I understand the words. Their meaning becomes part of the Shabbat in me. “Beloved, come to meet the bride; beloved, come to greet Shabbat.”  

Deborah Rood Goldman, a longtime member of the Garden City Jewish Center in Garden City, NY, currently serves as the congregation’s president. She is a digital communications producer on the Union for Reform Judaism's marketing and communications team.  A native New Yorker, Deborah grew up on Long Island, and holds a bachelor’s degree in American civilization from Brown University and a master’s degree in library science from Queens College. 

Deborah Rood Goldman

Published: 8/10/2012

Categories: Prayers & Blessings, Reform Judaism
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