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Featuring the RAC...

Featuring the RAC...

This post is part of a weekly feature on RACblog. Check in at the end of the week for a roundup of stories in which the RAC has been featured!

Last week, a large group of Jewish Israeli teens attacked three Arab teens in Jerusalem's Kikar Zion (Zion Square) while an even larger crowd of Israelis looked on. This pattern of violence reflects an alarming and disturbing trend in Israeli society that threatens to tear the nation apart; erode the values of democracy, tolerance and equal rights; and threaten the Zionist endeavor.

In response to the conversation that this attack sparked in Israel, Anat Hoffman, Director of the Israel Religious Action Center, published an op-ed in JTA asking questions that we have all been considering: "What is our Jewish obligation to the non-Jewish minority in Israel? How do we respond to the objectification of women in service of racism?"

Later this week, Shalom TV featured Hoffman’s work in their report about the attacks, citing her criticism of the “…prolonged Israeli government tolerance toward Jewish religious extremism.”

Click here to watch the feature (starting at minute 2:50).

Published: 9/02/2012

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