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Rabbi Saperstein Condemns Vandalism of Latrun Monastery

Rabbi Saperstein Condemns Vandalism of Latrun Monastery

  Jewish extremists, opposed to the dismantling of the Migron settlement, took their anger out on Tuesday morning by vandalizing the Latrun Monastery. As part of the continuing “price-tag” attacks, the extremists spray painted offensive language on walls and damaged monastery property. Attacks like this are not only antithetical to the Jewish values of inclusion and respect, but they threaten the moral fabric of Israeli society.

Troubled by this week’s hate-filled events, Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, condemned the attack in a public statement, detailing that “the apparent increase in the frequency of incidents of a destructive and too-often violent nature, perpetrated by Israeli extremists, is cause for great concern.” To read the entire statement, click here.

Photo: AFP/Menahem Kahana

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