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Religious Liberty in the (Basketball) Courts

Religious Liberty in the (Basketball) Courts

The Reform Movement has long supported religious liberty at all levels of American life, from the Supreme Court to the basketball court, and we are pleased to now be joined in this commitment by the Texas Assocation of Private and Parochial Schools.

Last year the players of Robert M. Beren Academy, an Orthodox Jewish school located in Houston, were nearly forced to choose between observing their faith and participating in a game that they had rightfully qualified for because the games were scheduled to be held on Shabbat. The Union for Reform Judaism strongly encouraged the Texas Assocation of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) to allow the Beren Academy to reschedule the games.

We were pleased that those individual games were rescheduled last year, and this week we acknowledge with even more pleasure the decision to institutionalize that decision so that it applies to all teams for the current school year.

TAPPS announced last week that they will allow for the accommodation of religious holidays in this year’s sports competitions. Students should not be forced to choose between their faith and their athletic goals. The TAPPS decision is a true embodiment of the American tradition of religious freedom.


Image courtesy of Beren Academy.

Published: 10/31/2012

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