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The Torah In Haiku: T'rumah

The Torah In Haiku: T'rumah

Blueprint for the Ark 
A place to commune with G-d 
Even as we move  

After reading the details of how to build the Ark, into which the people will place "The Testimony," we get to Exodus 25:22:

"I will commune with you there speaking with you from above the ark-cover from between the two cherubim which are upon the Ark of the Testimony."

Some say "The Testimony" refers to the Tablets of the Ten Commandments, some say it is the entire Torah. Either way, the Ark will be a particular specific place to commune with G-d, even as the people travel through the desert.

Today we worship in different places, each with different traditions and practices. Prayers that we are used to reading in English at our own congregation might be chanted in Hebrew somewhere else, or different music is used.

But when we read Torah we hear the same words - G-d's words - chanted using the same notes, at every place where Jews worship on any particular Shabbat.

We are transported to Sinai, we commune with G-d, wherever we happen to be.

Ed Nickow is a teacher and member of the Board of Trustees at Temple Chai, Long Grove, IL. This post is from his blog The Torah in Haiku.

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Published: 2/15/2013

Categories: Learning, Torah Study
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