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Dor L'Dor, From Generation to Generation

Dor L'Dor, From Generation to Generation

I originally wrote and have used this piece over the past two year for the dor l'dor (from generation to generation) component of b'nai mitzvah ceremonies. As I began cleaning for Passover this year, it was brought home to me that involving our children in holiday preparations as well as observances, including them in lifecycle events as well as day to day activities, telling stories of the past, building memories in the present and sharing hopes for the future, these are really the most important moments for passing the chain.

Dor L'Dor

Reach back to the generations of Abraham and Sarah
Of Moses and Tzipporah
Of the prophets and the judges, the sages and the interpreters.
They planted the seeds in the land,
That grew trunk and branch and root.
Law and command.
Teaching and fulfillment.
Reach for the chain.
Dor l'dor.
Reach out to the generations of family and friends,
Of elders and of peers,
Of teachers that guide you,
Of parents that channel you,
Of friends that escort you.
They nourish the veins and arteries that flow through your heart
and your head,
The reaching branches of you
Building direction with hope,
Life with learning,
Love with love with love.
Reach for the chain.
Dor l'dor.
Reach forward to the generations that are yet to come,
The ideas, the emotions, the deeds you have yet to do.
The studies to be argued,
The loves to be shared,
The limbs yet to form,
The children to be nourished with
Your compassion, your wisdom.
Reach forward for the chain.
Dor L'dor.

May your retelling of the Passover story this year be meaningful.

Rabbi Birdie Becker has led Reform congregation Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, CO, for 10 years. She has served as a community educator and performer throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Region and is president of the Rocky Mountain Cantors Association. She is a cellist for the violin-cello duo "Apples and Honey" and composer and performer of folk and liturgical music. She blogs at The Many Faces and Loves of Rabbi Birdie.

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