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Happy Tenth Anniversary, Ten Minutes of Torah!

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Ten Minutes of Torah!

In 2003, Rabbi Eric Yoffie launched Ten Minutes of Torah, a project of the Union for Reform Judaism, with these words:

Desperate to keep up, insecure about what we don’t know, we find time to stuff information of every kind into our heads. If we make time to answer our cell phones a dozen times a day and to check our email five times an hour, surely we can find 10 minutes to contemplate sacred words that nourish the soul.

Rabbi Yoffie proclaimed that Reform Jews must study Torah on a regular basis and that even 10 minutes of study each day could transform lives.

Indeed, that has been the case.

Today, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Ten Minutes of Torah. Each weekday, more than 20,000 subscribers receive an email that brings the Jewish world to them. From Torah commentaries written by scholars to recipes for baking challah, Ten Minutes of Torah explores the great variety of Jewish life. Over the years, subscribers have studied the history of Jews in America, Mishnah, Jewish ethics, Hebrew, and more. They’ve been inspired to delve more deeply into the weekly Torah portion and prayer (t’filah). And they’ve renewed their connection with Israel by hearing from experts on the front line.

A pioneer in reaching Jewish audiences electronically, Ten Minutes of Torah may be the most successful adult education endeavor in the Jewish world today; few programs have reached as many people. Through its daily editions, subscribers have learned by email and online from more than 500 of the top luminaries in Reform Jewish life, and through associate projects – the audio Torah commentary version and educational webinars – they’ve been able to benefit from the revolution in distance learning. Countless Reform congregations and educational programs have used Ten Minutes of Torah materials as the basis for their own adult education and Torah study programs.

New for 2014 will be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of NFTY, the Reform Jewish youth movement, as well as a day devoted to the magnificent rich world of Jewish culture and arts.

What better way to start your day than with words of Torah? No matter where you are, Jewish life is as close as your email inbox. Please join us in celebrating a milestone for this successful experiment in Jewish learning. Sign up for Ten Minutes of Torah today.

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