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How Do You Define Generosity?

How Do You Define Generosity?

The Mussar Institute is in the midst of hosting its annual Generosity Week, posting a video each day from Jewish leaders speaking on the topic of generosity and Judaism. Today's video comes from Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, who tells a story of his past experience as a congregational rabbi.

During a holiday service, Rabbi Jacobs had, at first, a negative reaction to another person's generosity practice - but after a mental adjustment, he shifted his perception to recognize different ways of practicing generosity. He encourages us to consider different kinds of generosity, from generosity of spirit to generosity of sharing material resources. Check out the video below, and tell us in the comments:

  • What does Rabbi Jacobs mean by “generosity of spirit”?
  • What else besides time and money can you give to be generous?
  • Are there ways in which others may be generous that make you uncomfortable? Why would that be so?
  • How would you explain your own generosity practice to another person? Are there weaknesses in your practice? Are there things you would like to improve or work on?

The Mussar Institute also invites you to share your thoughts during Generosity Week on their Facebook pag. or, if you prefer a more private experience, by joining their Generosity Week Facebook group. Visit to learn more.


Published: 2/26/2014

Categories: Jewish Life
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