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Shake Your Grogger with a Fun New Video!

Shake Your Grogger with a Fun New Video!

Get ready to move! Jewish songstress Michelle Citrin, the self-described "lil grrl with a big sound," has a new video out this Purim, and you're going to want to be sure there's a dancefloor nearby. "Shake Your Grogger," performed by Michelle and a backup cast dubbed The Purim Party Animals, is a musical parody based on "Jump in the Line," as performed originally by Harry Belafonte. Check it out, and be prepared to party this Purim!

(Note: "Grogger" is an alternate spelling for grager, the noisemakers we use on Purim to drown out the name of the villainous Haman.)



Published: 3/11/2014

Categories: Jewish Holidays, Purim
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