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The Torah In Haiku: Va-Et'chanan

The Torah In Haiku: Va-Et'chanan

This week's portion includes Moses's retelling of the Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5:6-18).

I am Adonai
Who brought you out of Egypt
Out from slavery.

Other gods? Just Me.
Don't worship any idols
It makes Me jealous

Don't swear in My name.
To remember you were slaves,
Keep the Sabbath Day

Honor your parents.
Don't murder, don't cheat, don't steal.
Be honest - don't lie.

Last one - don't covet
Keeping up with the Joneses?
That's against My laws

This is an expanded version of a Ten Commandments haiku from 2009.

Photo of stained glass window at Beth Shalom Congregation (Elkins Park, PA) by Wayne Stratz via Flickr

Ed Nickow is a teacher and member of the Board of Trustees at Temple Chai in Long Grove, IL. He blogs at The Torah in Haiku.

Ed Nickow

Published: 8/08/2014

Categories: Learning, Torah Study
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