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A Prayer for Peace in Paris

A Prayer for Peace in Paris

A Prayer for Peace in Paris

Source of all being,
May peace come swiftly to the people of Paris.
May the hostages be comforted,
May the wounded be healed,
May the mourners be consoled.
May all the people of Paris find comfort under your sheltering wings. 

O Guardian of life and liberty,
Give strength to those tending the wounded,
Give safety of those protecting the innocent,
Give peace to the people of Paris. 

As we prepare to welcome Shabbat we are especially mindful of the Jewish community of Paris, now in fear for their very lives. Allow them to lie down in peace tonight and spread over them your shelter of peace and protection. Allow them to wake to peace. And may Paris again be the City of Light for all.  

Rabbi Victor S. Appell is the Reform community rabbi and senior Jewish educator at Rutgers Hillel in New Brunswick, NJ. He lives with his husband, Colin Hogan, and their two sons, Avi and Lev.

Rabbi Victor S. Appell

Published: 1/09/2015

Categories: Prayers & Blessings
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