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To This Moment: A Poem about Joy

To This Moment: A Poem about Joy

On the day before Purim, in the Hebrew month of Adar, Jewish musician Neshama Carlebach posted the following on Facebook:

I'm on a mission- I MUST find real joy today for Purim. To help me get there, I'm looking through old photos. I'm blown away- amazing how life memories can put all current drama in perspective.. Loving you all, hoping you are finding a pathway to joy today and everyday.. Chag Sameach , Good Purim !! xo"

I couldn't help but respond to her lovely plea, so I sat down to write her a note. The note suddenly morphed, much to my surprise, into a poem. And the poem, which began as a response to the commandment (and Neshama's urgent mission) that during Adar we increase our joy, my poem became an expression of the Shehecheyanu, the blessing we recite to give thanks for being brought to a a moment of joy.

"To This Moment: A Poem for the Shehecheyanu"

Joy lingers,
It gets into folds of cloth
and time. It scatters,
dancing with dust motes
that drift according to some
ancient and hidden metier.
that only God
and the dust know.
it is as fine as cobwebs
and sticky -
it shocks and shivers in
unannounced wonder
on well-trodden paths,
and those not taken.

It settles like a
kiss upon your skin,
and you carry its
sticky memory with
every step
and whisper.

joy lingers in the last note -
     a song
     a psalm
     a sigh
that stretches into forever;
that you would follow forever;
that starts with your breath -
for how could it not begin there,
with breath, and soul,
and the very name
of God?

Joy echoes,
and lingers,
and washes over you,
and is in you,
and carries you
from season to season,
to this moment,
this very moment of 


Stacey Zisook Robinson is a member of Congregation Hakafa in Glencoe, IL. She blogs at Stumbling Towards Meaning and is the author of a collection of poems and essays, Dancing in the Palm of God's Hand.

Stacey Zisook Robinson

Published: 3/04/2015

Categories: Jewish Holidays, Purim, Jewish Life, Arts & Culture
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