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Dad and daughter laughing together as they look at a tablet screen

The world feels upside-down right now as we all adjust to the cancellation of our regularly scheduled activities and the physical closures of our workplaces, houses of worship, and schools (many of which are shifting to distance learning).

As we try to “flatten the curve” of the virus by staying home, many of us are thinking about how to continue to engage children in opportunities for learning, both Jewishly and otherwise. (And if you sometimes just want to have fun with screen time, that’s OK, too!)

Are you familiar with the great Jewish educational videos available from...

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Hands over a skillet steaming atop a stove

In her New York Times essay about cornbread and the solace that comfort food brings, Margaret Renkl describes the matriarchs in her family who survived wars and pandemics.

“Whatever else is happening outside my windows, whatever struggles are still ahead,” she writes, “just the sight of that golden disk of battery goodness can make me feel a tiny bit better.”

During this time of social isolation and...

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Mom holds a laughing son on her lap as she reads a book to him from the couch

Spending more time than usual at home these days? Even as you try to talk to your children about bad things happening in the world, it’s important to find ways to pass the time in ways that keep kids entertained, engaged, and educated.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Jewishly inspired crafts, recipes, activities, videos, and other ideas to keep you and your family...

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Hand using a remote to change the tv channel from within a cozy home atmosphere

If you’ve found yourself with a little extra time at home these days, you’ve likely turned to hobbies to keep yourself from getting “cabin fever” – and there’s a good chance those hobbies include binge-watching entire seasons of TV to pass the time. Hey, us, too!

Thanks to streaming services, there are endless shows to choose from – and many of them have Jewish themes. To help you choose the perfect TV show(s) to get you through the next few days and weeks at home, here are a few of our favorite binge-worthy options from Netflix, all with a Jewish twist.

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Silhouette of a person looking out over a beautiful sunset

Praised be the Eternal God, Source of the Universe...

...who has implanted mind and instinct within every living being. Who has given us a new day where we are alive and we too can see the difference between day and night, between light and darkness, between true and false, and between appropriate concern and panic

...who has made me a Jew or connected to the Jewish community.  Who has given me the obligation, the tools and the resources to strive to act like a human being when others may be driven by fear, homophobia, racism

...who has made be to be free. While my...

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