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A Prayer for Baltimore

A Prayer for Baltimore

Amidst the clashes
Between black and white,
Between those in uniform and those in plain clothes,
Between those who seek to maintain order and those who seek to disrupt it,
Let us pray for both justice and peace.

Let us sing to God a song of grief
For innocent lives
Lost too soon.

Let us sing to God a song of lament
For the unraveling of society,
For the fires of hatred that continue to burn.

Let us sing to God a song of hope
For understanding and healing
To come to every aching city across this nation.

ALL lives matter.

O God, healer of the broken-hearted,
Teach us how to rise above

Hatred, cruelty, violence and indifference.
Grant that peace may come speedily and soon
To every place and every heart where conflict resides.


Rabbi Elana Erdstein Perry is the associate rabbi at Temple Sinai in Atlanta, GA.

Rabbi Elana Perry
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