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A Prayer for the People of Louisiana

A Prayer for the People of Louisiana

God of Caring and Compassion

We pray that people of Louisiana, who again are coping with the damage and disruption of terrible flooding, may find the strength and persistence they need to cope for yet another crisis.

We pray that students and teachers can return to school, that citizens can return to work, that life can start returning to normal.

We pray that the response from state and federal agencies will be swift, generous and comprehensive.

We pray that assistance will be offered to everyone who has been impacted by this latest disaster, regardless of race, religion or class.

We pray that homes will speedily be rebuilt and that communities will speedily be restored.

May the resilience and resourcefulness with which Louisiana has rallied itself so nay times before be summoned upon again in this latest hour of need.

May the Source of Hope help Louisianans to be hold out faith in the future.

May the Source of Love inspire us to offer them our help as we hold them up in prayer.

And let us say: Amen.

Please consider donating the Jewish Federation of Greater Baton’s Baton Rouge Flood Relief Fund or volunteering with NECHAMA, a nonprofit organization that provides natural disaster response and recovery services. Learn more about how the Reform Jewish community is helping those affected by the Louisiana floods.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter is the rabbi of Temple Adath Israel in Lexington, KY. Confronting violence in classic Jewish texts and contemporary society is the focus of his work in progress, The Torah They Never Taught You, Bad Stories from The Good Book.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
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