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Demand Equality at Israel's Holiest Site

Demand Equality at Israel's Holiest Site

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a commitment to the entire Jewish people last January when his government passed a resolution to include all forms of Jewish worship at the Western Wall (the Kotel). Detailed plans to build an egalitarian prayer space, administered by a pluralistic leadership group, were part of the resolution.

Unfortunately, the government has since avoided implementing its own resolution. We are encouraged by recent statements by two Supreme Court Justices, urging us to appeal to the government to implement its decision, which would allow Reform and Conservative Jews to worship at the Kotel free from restrictions imposed by Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community. 

But we need your help.

We need you to convey to the Israeli government the urgency and significance of equality for Reform and progressive Jews in Israel. For Israel to be a true democracy, and the spiritual home for all Jews, the government must take action. Our insistence on democracy, pluralism, and equality in Israel is an expression of our love and commitment to Israel.

To make such equality a reality, we are asking you to send letters to Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, urging that they fulfill their commitment to make Judaism’s holiest site a home to all Jews. Send your letter with just a few clicks by visiting

Here’s why this is so important:

  1. The Kotel is a symbol of the Jewish State and for the Jewish People, and we must ensure that there is a place for all Jews to come and pray.
  1. We need the government of Israel to recognize the Reform and Conservative movements in an official capacity. Under the agreement, the egalitarian section will be administered by non-Orthodox rabbis, effectively resulting in government recognition of the liberal movements.
  1. We believe Israel must be a Jewish and democratic state that champions the values of freedom of religion and pluralism. A victory here will be an essential step in achieving this larger goal.

Please send your letters now and join us in making 5777 a year of victory at the Kotel. With your participation in this critically important email campaign (and by encouraging others to participate as well), we believe that by this time next year, we will hear the shofar blast from a Western Wall that represents the best of our tradition’s values and diversity.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs is the president of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the largest Jewish movement in North America, with almost 850 congregations and nearly 1.5 million members. An innovative thought leader, dynamic visionary, and representative of progressive Judaism, he spent 20 years as the spiritual leader of Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, NY. Deeply dedicated to global social justice issues, he has led disaster response efforts in Haiti and Darfur. Learn more about Rabbi Rick Jacobs.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
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