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The Message at the Heart of the Scroll

The Message at the Heart of the Scroll

We raise Torah in joy
and dance with the memory of generations
who felt its weight upon their shoulders
and carry it forth for generations
yet to be touched by its Divine grace.

As we dance with joy,
May we soak in the holy message
at the heart of the scroll:
To love our neighbors as ourselves.

In a world where
evil tongues have become swords
that pierce the soul of our communities,
let Torah’s holy message
dance forth from our sanctuary and our hearts:

To live with compassion
for humanity and all God’s creation.
To live as citizens
with the blessing and responsibility to vote.
To live with decency and justice
in the space between each one of us.

As we hold Torah and dance into the new year,
Commit our hearts to fierce kindness and
our hands to tender resolve,
Bring us together in prayer and
song and
loving celebration of
all that is whole and good.

Call us,
Source of Life and Dance and Torah,
To lift Your Teaching
into the center of the sanctuary and
the center of our community,
clasping hands with
hope, and

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz is the senior rabbi at Shir Tikvah Congregation in Minneapolis, MN.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz
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