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For All Our Dads on Father’s Day

For All Our Dads on Father’s Day

Father and young childen facing the ocean with their feet in the water

For the dads up to their elbows in poopy diapers
and the dads whose kisses cover every owie
and always know where the bandaids are
and make certain the fridge is stocked with ice cream

And for the dads who weep because their children are too old to be tucked in
and the dads whose wisdom shapes our hearts
and the dads who raised our spirits when we wept
and the dads who held us as we sobbed broken hearted
and the dads who wiped our noses 

For the dads who inspired us to stand up for what is right and speak out clearly for justice
And for the dads who showed us our strength was our compassion
For the dads who brought to life the Torah of our people
And for the dads who believed we had Torah in our souls that they listened to with reverence and patience and delight

For the dads who taught us how to ride bikes
and bake cookies
and respect our bodies
and love our partners

For the dads whose children died before them
And for the dads who still long to welcome a child into their lives to parent

For all of these dads
Over all the generations
In every moment
In every place on the planet

We lift our hands in robust gratitude:
Thank you, dads.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz is the senior rabbi at Shir Tikvah Congregation in Minneapolis, MN.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

Published: 6/16/2017

Categories: Family, Parenting
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