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Imagine this: You're the only Jewish student at your suburban Ohio high school of 2,000. The synagogue your family attends holds Shabbat services only twice a month, because there aren't enough Jews in the area to generate weekly interest. You became a bat mitzvah like other young Jews do, but your ceremony was held at the local country club because your tiny temple didn't have the capacity - or the air conditioning! - to accommodate your large August service.

I don't have to imagine it, because growing up, that was my life. Don't get me wrong: I have always been and felt Jewish....

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Dr. Adam Koons is a member of Temple Emanuel, Kensington, MD and Director of Relief & Humanitarian Assistance of International Relief & Development. Dr. Koons' blog posts from Haiti were originally posted on the IRD blog. Visit Voices from the Field to read earlier posts.

Today we traveled outside of Port-au-Prince and into ground zero. The town, and district, of Leogane, with about 150,000 residents was closest to the earthquake's epi-center. And it showed. Although, estimates we had heard of 90% destruction were easily visible, the...

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"I am involved with the work that I do because I'm a Muslim and because I'm an American."

These words stuck in my mind as I watched the excellent short video (after the jump) produced by Young Muslim American Voices, a project of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center for American Progress. I was certainly not surprised or incredulous of the sentiments expressed by the articulate and passionate young men and women in this film. Quite the opposite: I heard...

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Rabbi Marla Feldman is the Director of Development for the Union for Reform Judaism. This posit originally appeared on

To donate to the URJ's Haiti disaster relief efforts and to learn more about allocations, visit

In one week, the Reform Movement has raised more than $750,000 for Haiti disaster relief efforts following the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Based on our communication with partner relief organizations, the following...

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by Marc Rosenstein(Originally published in Ten Minutes of Torah and Galilee Diary)

Moving from the Midwest to the Mideast involved looking at rainy days in a new way. It took me a number of years to internalize the concept that rainy days are not an inconvenience, but rather a blessing. For a long time I knew how to say the words, but I didn't feel the feeling. But after a while I noticed that awakening to the sound of rain actually feels good; the overcast sky, the drumming of the drops, the smell on... Read More


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