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We are continuing to follow the series of events surrounding the Women of the Wall, and I hope that you are now, too. In recent months, the Israeli police have increased pressure on Women of the Wall, a progressive monthly prayer group that meets at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The late 2009 arrest of Nofrat Frenkel for wearing a prayer shawl, or tallit, while praying at the Wall, and this month's...

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If I told you that something most likely on your person at this very moment was helping to fund war in the eastern part of the Congo, which item would you guess? Clothing? Shoes? Perhaps your watch? All good guesses, but all wrong. The answer is in your electronics: your cell phone, iPod, or PDA. In short, rebel groups - whose main tool of intimidation is rape - control mines in eastern Congo that produce an estimated $183 million each year in 4 minerals: gold and the 3 T's, tin, tantalum and tungsten, all used in...

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Harri Plotnick is an intern at the Religious Action Center. She belongs to Congregration Keneseth Israel, where she also teaches religious school.

The product of 40 years of feminist work since the main push for the Equal Rights Amendment in the '70s has finally come to fruition. Within the first few months of 2010, women will overtake the previously male majority in the American workforce by constituting more than 50% of the workforce for the first...

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The following post is the text of a speech that was presented on Monday to staff in Representative Gary Ackerman's office by Zoe Kline, Emily Singer, Jamie Kula, and Allison Kobrick. All four high school students they attended the RAC's Bernard and Audre Rapoport L'Taken Social Justice Seminar last weekend.

Is it right for a man to be fired because he is gay?

Is it moral for a woman to be demoted just because she is a lesbian?

Doesn't the constitution state that all men are created equal?

Why is this acceptable if we...

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With the Senate and House bills passed, it seems to follow that we should be on our way to health insurance reform in no time, right? Wrong. Between now and the placement of a comprehensive reform bill on President Obama's desk lies the reconciliation of countless differences between the two versions of the legislation. Among the politics of the matter, the gives and takes in this process, it is easy to get lost, overwhelmed and angry. An op-ed in The Hill today written by Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union and Rev. Dr....

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