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For the Sufis of the Sinai: A Prayer of Mourning

For the Sufis of the Sinai: A Prayer of Mourning

Upturned hands holding a lit candle in the darkness as in prayer or mourning

At least 300 are dead after an attack on a Sufi mosque in the Northern Sinai on Friday, including at least 27 children. More than 125 people were also injured in this coordinated assault that began with a bomb blast and continued as terrorist militants gunned down fleeing worshipers from a packed mosque.

For the Sufis of the Sinai

Oh people of conscience,
Cry out.
For man has again turned violent,
Murdering and maiming the innocent,
Worshipers in the act of prayer.

Source and Creator,
Grant a perfect rest under your tabernacle of peace
To the victims of terror in the Northern Sinai,
Sufi innocents,
The hundreds murdered and wounded
By the hand of wickedness,
The hand of malevolence,
As they praised Your Name.
Each one a human.
Each one a life.
Each one enough to cry out to heaven.

Remember the survivors of this horror,
The injured, the witnesses, the mourners,
The new widow and the new orphan,
Those in shock and those in trauma.
Grant them shelter and solace,
Comfort and consolation,
Blessing and renewal.

Heavenly guide,
God of refuge,
Hand of love and shelter,
Grant the Sufis of the Sinai,
And all the people of Egypt,
Your protection,
Your wholeness and Your healing.
Let violence, hatred and terror vanish,
Let comfort descend from heaven,
And let the righteous rest in peace.

© 2017 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: This new prayer combines elements of three other prayers written in the wake of violence: “One is Everything: A Meditation on Terror and Numbers,” “Racist Violence against Houses of Worship” and “For Paris.”

Alden Solovy is a liturgist, poet, and teacher. His teaching spans from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Jerusalem to Limmud UK and synagogues throughout the U.S. Before making aliyah to Israel in 2012, Alden was a member of Beth Emet-The Free Synagogue, Evanston, IL, and a regular participant in worship at B'nai Jeshoshua Beth Elohim, Deerfield, IL. He’s the author of Jewish Prayers of Hope and HealingHis writing also appears in several CCAR Press books, including two anthologies of his work, This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Dayand his latest book, This Joyous Soul: A New Voice for Ancient Yearnings.


Alden Solovy
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